++++++++++++ NEWS ++++++++++++

Dear friends and colleagues,

 We deeply regret to tell you that we now decided to cancel the upcoming 11th ISIORT Conference.

While we were still hopeful in January, we are now faced with a situation still too unstable to estimate the risk of holding an international meeting in June 2021.

Vaccination rates remained below expectations, incidences higher than hoped for, and local breakouts repeatedly lead to regional shut-downs on short notice.

Thus, many colleagues are still confronted with travel restrictions by their hospital administrations and made insecure by possible quarantaine scenarios in each direction of their journey. As a further consequence, also both User meetings had to be cancelled .

After already two postponings, the ISIORT Board agreed on having the next regular ISIORT Conference in October 2022 in Columbus/Ohio just prior to ASTRO. This meeting will  be organized by the new president John Grecula, whose presidential term starts now in June 2021.

Hoping for your understanding,

kind regards,

Felix Sedlmayer
President ISIORT